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8 inch round double layer 10-12 people
10 inch round double layer 20-25 people
1/4 Sheet Single layer 15-17 people
1/2 Sheet Single layer 30-35 people
Full Sheet Single layer

60-80 people

Tiered Cake (smallest size serves 25) starting price $150

Above Pic: Standard Decoration

 FAQ's about our Cakes .... Click Here

Need a Quote? Email

for info
(Include the following info: 1. contact info Name & Cell #, 2. Date needed, 3. Number of Servings needed, 4. Pics of designs you like, 5. Budget 6. Pick-up Time)


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Number of servings based on size a 3x3 inch slice.
Need to feed more or us for ideas.

We do our best to accommodate every order.  To get exactly what you would like, place your cake orders a week out.  We will try very hard to fit in last minute or day before orders...but you may have to work with what we have available.
Call us and take a shot!
Base Pricing: Includes your choice of ONE standard cake flavor, standard vanilla buttercream, greeting (Happy Birthday), and icing rose spray. 

All Specialty Flavors, Icings, and Custom Decorations incur an additional charge.

Custom Decoration:  We welcome your ideas for fun shapes, cut-outs, tiered cakes, 2-d & 3-d designs. Pretty please keep ordering time to 10 minutes or less.  

After the initial 10 minutes or email quote, a consultation design fee of $25 per half hour will apply to any custom cake order requiring extra consultation time and/or "brainstorming".  This fee is not included in the price of the final cake.

Please schedule an Consultation appointment with Leslie if you would like to order a custom designed cake. $25 design/consult fee

Standard Cake Flavors:

Traditional White (Vanilla)
Buttery Yellow
Rich Dark Chocolate or
Confetti Cake

Standard Icing:   Vanilla French Buttercream 

Specialty Cake Flavors:
Autumn Spice, Red Velvet,
Marble (Chocolate and Vanilla)
or Confetti (Vanilla Cake with

Sprinkles in cake batter) 
Whip Cream Cassata  *(Vanilla Cake, Fresh Strawberries, Custard and Whipped Cream)

Specialty Fillings:

- Fresh Strawberry or Strawberry Preserve
- Chocolate Fudge
- Fresh Banana
- Raspberry
- Custard
- Lemon
- Apricot


Specialty Icings:

- Whipped Cream*
- Chocolate Buttercream
- Chocolate Fudge Drizzle
- Cream Cheese*
- Fondant

*These icings require refrigeration. They are NOT intended for centerpiece display!

Custom Decoration:

- Cut-out Shape Cakes 
- Theme Cakes
- Tiered designs
- Cupcakes
- Cupcake Cakes (Arranged cupcakes
decorated as one shape)

CALL FOR PRICING AND TO PLACE YOUR ORDER. Tips for safe Tiered Cake Travels--- Stan's cannot be responsible for any damage caused to the cake due to inappropriate transport. Please follow the guidelines below for optimum results. 1. Cake must be FLAT in vehicle, on floor or on flat area in Mini Van, SUV or larger vehicle. Do not put on the seat or on a slanted cargo area in an SUV. NO Convertibles please 2. You may bring a friend to hold the cake on their lap and act as the "shocks" for any bumps in the road. 3. Please make sure that any loose items in the car like: strollers, pets, groceries, boxes etc are secure and will not fall into or bump the cake during transport. 4. Drive with caution: give yourself plenty of stopping time and turn with care. Cakes are constructed with normal driving conditions in mind. They are not designed for speed bumps, police chases or NASCAR races. 5. On warm/hot days- do not leave the cake in the car. If you wouldn't leave your kid in the car, don't leave the cake. It will melt on a nice 60 degree day because it will be 90+ degrees in the car. 6. Drive with windows up so strong wind gusts do not damage the intricate designs on the cake. 7. Once you get to your destination- put cake in a secure place away from pets or children that may stick a finger in it. 8. Before placing cake on table, be sure the table is level and legs are LOCKED. ***All tips are due to real life experiences.***

Copy written images can not be reproduced on a cake without
permission from Copyright Holder.


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