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A minimum of 24 hrs notice is appreciated.  If you need a tray same day, we will be happy to assort you pastries out of the selection in the store.

Pastry Trays:

Delightful mini-sized pastries arranged on a black plastic tray with a snap-on clear lid for easy transportation and display. Available in 3 sizes:

 60 pc. $50.00       75pc. $65.00         100 pieces  $75.00

Each tray contains an equal assortment of the following…

  • Award Winning Marshmallow Meringue Lady Locks
  • Cream Cheese Dough Kolacky in assorted fillings
  • Fudge Brownies with optional sprinkle to match event, school color, or theme
  • Puff Pastry kolacky in assorted fillings
  • Custard filled Puffs topped with Chocolate Fudge
  • **During the Christmas Season, we can add a 1/2 pound of our Butter Spritz Christmas cookies to your tray for an additional $10.00.   

Nut & Poppyseed Roll Tray:

Tray made of sliced Nut and Poppyseed rolls.  Icing/powder sugar made be added upon request.

100pc tray $75.00


Kolacky Only Trays:

Mini Cream Cheese Dough Kolacky and/or Mini Puff Pastry Kolacky arranged on tray with lid.  Assortment of Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Raspberry, Cheese, Nut, Blueberry, Pineapple and Lemon filled pastry.  Selecting particular flavors for your tray will incur an additional charge.
Available in:     50pc  $33.99        75pc.  $50.99           100 pc. $65.99

Brownie Trays:

Yummy mini-size brownies arranged on tray.  Can be decorated with sprinkles or mini decorations like pettifores.   Each brownie is about 1in. x 1 in.  One large brownie (2 dozen) left uncut and decorated like cake can be placed in the center of smaller brownies.  Tray holds 8 dozen mini-brownies.  $48

Christmas Cookie Trays:

 Available the week of Thanksgiving and though out the Holiday Season.  Assortment includes Vanilla Butter Spritz and Chocolate Butter Spritz topped with assorted sprinkles, sugars and jimmies, Pecan Kiphels, Chocolate Chip Kiphels, Cherry Nut Ice Box, Chocolate Chip Ice Box, Gingerbread, Tree-Bell-Star Cut outs and more....

            All of our cookies are made fresh ON SITE from start to finish.  Just like grandma, we measure butter, sugar, flour, spice and everything nice...then we mix it all up, bake the cookies to perfection and decorate them for the holiday season.  The cookies are arranged on trays and tied with a bow.
Cookie trays include a gourmet assortment:
·         Butter Spritz: Vanilla and/or Chocolate Batter with assorted sprinkles
·         Pecan Kiphels coated in powder sugar
·         Chocolate Chip Kiphels rolled in granulated sugar
·         Gingerbread Men
·         Cherry-Nut Ice Box, Chocolate Chip Ice Box
·         Hand-Cut Trees, Bells and Stars

Size by Pound
2#    10+ people $48.98 
3#       20+ people $71.99
4# (16 inch diameter tray) 30+ people $97.99   
5# HUGE (18" tray) 40+ people $125.00

White Presentation box with Tissue Paper $2.00 per tray

 Self life of cookies on tray is about 5-7 days.  Great for nibbling at the office.

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