Stan’s Northfield Bakery CAKE FAQ’s Page

With the new interest in creatively decorated cakes, thanks to TV Shows and the Food Network, the cake ordering process has become a bit more involved for some.  

Please look over our FAQ’s sheet before ordering.  

When should I order my cake?

A: The sooner the better.  We appreciate as much notice as possible, especially for tiered, fondant or sculpted cakes.  Please order these types of novelty cakes a minimum of 1-2 weeks in advance.  

My Party is in less than 1 week, can I still get a cake?

A: Of Course, although you may be limited to the flavors and decoration choices. Call the store to find out what we are working with in the next few days.  We usually have the standard white, chocolate, yellow or Cassada cake available daily for orders.

If I order my cake 2 weeks ahead, will you make it fresh?

A: Definitely!  We like notice so we can plan our attack and are sure we have all the ingredients on hand to make your cake fresh.  Some of the fondant applications (bows, stars, butterflies on wires, character figures etc.) take several days to dry, so we need that time to prepare them.

Can I order my cake in person?

A:  Yes.  Please call ahead to set up a time to come in.  The decorator may be on a delivery if you just pop in.  Avoid Saturdays when stopping in to order a cake.  We are working very hard on orders and wedding cakes on most Saturdays. 

Can I order over the phone?

A:  Sure thing!  If you need a sheet cake or small cake, call us.  No need to waste time stopping in if you already know you would like a ½ sheet Cassada cake with pink roses for Mom’s Birthday.

Do I need a consultation appointment?  Why do you charge?

There is no consultation fee charged for cakes ordered within 10 minutes. 

Most cake orders, (even the complex ones) can be nailed down within 10 minutes.  We ask that you be as prepared as possible with pictures, ideas, flavors, icings, serving size, date of party etc. when you order.  After the initial 10 minutes, a consultation design fee of $25 per half hour will apply to any custom cake order requiring extra consultation time and/or "brainstorming".  This fee will be added to the final cake price to cover time away from production in the shop.  This fee also applies to phone calls, emails or additional trips into the store to chat about your order.  

Please schedule an appointment with Leslie if you would like to order a custom designed cake.  330-467-8655

Do you sample your cake?

A: Yes.  For $25, we will give you 3 different cake flavors and different frostings to sample.  Enough for 3-4 people to have a bit of each.  Tastings need to be ordered a minimum of 2 days ahead of time and will be comprised of the flavors we are working with at that time.  You may not select to flavors of the tasting.  If you would like a particular cake to try, please order an 8” inch cake.

I saw a cake on tv or another website.  Can you make a cake like it?

A:  We would need to see the picture of the cake and know how many people you would like to feed.  Email the picture, servings needed, flavors to  I will give you a ballpark quote.  If the quote is in your budget, we can proceed with the ordering process.  

Is delivery available?

A: Yes for an additional charge based on distance from the shop.  Delivery fees start at $40+.  Please have your delivery address ready when asking for a quote.

Do you require a deposit?

A: We ask for a 50% down deposit on cakes over $50 at the time of booking.  This deposit must be made in cash or personal check, as we do not accept debit or credit cards.  This deposit is non-refundable.  Your order will not be in our production schedule until the initial deposit is made.

May I make changes to my order?

A: There can be no changes to your order within 72 hrs of pick-up with the exception of Wedding Cakes, Sculpted Cakes and Tiered Cakes. We will not accept any changes to specialty cake orders 1 week out from the event.

Do you make 3-D Novelty cakes?

(Example from our website: Purple Octopus, Dog House)

What is your base price?

A:  All sculpted cakes start at $200+ with a minimum serving size of 30 people.   We need at least 30 servings of cake to have enough cake to make the desired shape.  

Do you make Wedding Cakes?

A: Yes.  Please email with your name and wedding date.  We will forward you our Wedding Cake info sheet, including flavor choices, pricing and specials.  Look it over and set-up a consultation.  

Are your cakes Nut-free?

A: Although there may not be any nuts in your cake or frosting, we cannot guarantee our cakes as nut-free. We are a fully operational bakery.  We produce many Nut pastries daily.  Please use your own discretion based on your medical needs.