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Awards: Best Pierogi in Cleveland
       1999 Scene magazine

Stan's pierogies are made by hand…every delicious bite.  We completely boil the pierogi and then freeze them.
Available in the freezer case in our store.  When ordering, please give us plenty of notice.  At least one week.

Please ORDER your pierogies 3 weeks BEFORE any major holiday.  We stop taking orders for our yummy pierogi 2 weeks before the holiday. 

Deadline for Thanksgiving Orders November 12th.  These orders must be picked up by November 18th.  Deadline for Christmas Orders Dec. 10th.  These orders must be picked up by Dec. 17th

If your order is not picked up by the cutoff date, it will be put back in the store for sale.  We receive so many orders around holidays that we have no room to store the orders in our we ask that you pick them up and take them home the week before the major holiday

We do need space for our ingredients too! 

Flavors: 6 per package

-Farmers Cheese (tradtional white cheese)
-Potato*and  Farmers Cheese
-Potato*and Cheddar Cheese
-Potato* and Kraut
-Kraut and Mushroom
-Potato* and Mushroom
-Potato* and Cheddar Cheese
-Mozzarella and Cheddar
-Bacon, Potato* and Cheddar
-Broccoli, Potato* and Cheddar
-Cabbage and Onion
-Jalapeno, Potato and Ched….Hot
-Habanero, Potato and Ched…Hot, Hot, Hot!!!
-Ricotta and Spinach
-Seasonal Special Fillings added all the time

* Potato filling is mixed with sauted onions & butter

Cooking Instructions:

  1. THAW:  Allow to thaw at room temperature or thaw overnight in the refrigerator.  It is very important to thaw completely so the product does not stick together.  Be careful defrosting in microwave as product may become chewy if overdone.
  2. FRY:  Saute butter and sweet onions in pan.  Carmalize the onions.  Add the pierogi.
    • Crispier: brown longer for a crispy outside
    • Softer: heat to warm through but do not brown
  3. MICROWAVE: Set pierogi on plate and place a pat of butter on each.  Cover with plastic wrap.  Six (6) pierogi take 3 minutes in a 750 watt microwave.  Adjust time for your microwave. 
  4. FRUIT FILLED : Instead of onions, try cinnamon sugar and butter.
EAT:  With and side of applesauce or a dollop of sour cream, or all by itself …Pierogi are delicious.

Hours of operation
Monday- Friday: 5am-5pm
Saturday: 5 am-3:30pm
Sunday: Closed

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