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Check out the special treats we make and bake special for each and every Holiday.

Holiday Breads:

Available anytime by order only or in the store during the week before any major holiday.

Polish Sweet Bread - Our #1 Seller
Old-Fashioned, Crumb topped bread that is baked in a loaf pan. This buttery, sweet dense dough is available with Golden Raisins or plain. A Polish Favorite.  (If not around a major holiday, the minimum order is 5 loaves.  This is an extremely involved process.  In the weeks leading up to a holiday, single loaves may be ordered.)  $14.99 per loaf.

BRAIDED, long loaf. Made from sweet dough. Available with Golden Raisins, Plain or with nuts, starting at $6.99 per loaf.

Babka or Paska
ROUND, ball like sweet dough bread. Available with Golden Raisins or Plain, starting at $5.99 per loaf.

Long, loaf sweet bread, filled with candied fruit and/or raisins. Icing on top available upon request.


Kuchens, Pastry, and Kolacky:

Nut or Poppyseed Kuchen (Roll)
Handmade flakey-layered butter dough with nuts roasted on site and/or freshly ground poppyseed.
Kuchens can be left plain, iced or topped with powder sugar. Oh so fabulous! (Nut Roll Pictured)

Double Cheese Kuchen
Same flakey-butter dough filled with creamy baker’s cheese. Can be topped with fruit of choice. 

We make 4 traditional doughs

Cream Cheese Dough (called Mickey’s)
*Traditional for Pollacks, full size or mini

Flakey Puff Pastry (Filo Dough)
*Light and flakey, topped with powdered sugar
Full size or mini

Butter Danish Dough
*Regular breakfast pastry topped with icing

Sour Cream Dough

*Super Rich, topped with icing and crushed nuts

All Kolacky filled with either nut, cheese, poppyseed or fruit

Scary and fun decorated cookies (see cookie page), decorated cakes (see cake page) and other yummy goodies.


Homemade Selection of Pies (list below). Pumpkin Rolls, Pumpkin Spice Fry Cakes, Dinner Rolls, Breads and anything else you need to make Thanksgiving dinner complete.


Thanksgiving and Anytime Pies:

*** Pies must be ordered.  Please give us at least 2 full days notice.  For Thanksgiving, we would appreciate your orders by November 18th.  This way, we can fully stock our ingredients pantry. ***

8" (4 to 6 slices)
10" (8 to 10 slices)

Standard Flavors:
Pumpkin: There is no beating our homemade blend of spices and smooth pumpkin.
Dutch Apple: Crumb Top
Apple Caramel
Apple Walnut
Red Raspberry
Lemon Meringue
Strawberry: With or without whipped cream

Cream Pies
***Custard base with whipped cream top…Must be refrigerated!***
Chocolate Custard
Banana Custard
Coconut Custard
Traditional Custard
Chocolate Banana Custard

Red Raspberry



Fill your little elves tummies with delicious Christmas Cookies. Buttery drop cookies, Chocolate cookies and gingerbread all topped with an assortment of colored sugars, sprinkles, cherries, nuts and icings. Buy them by the pound in the store or pick-up one of our beautiful cookie trays. Cookies are arranged on decorative plates and/or trays, wrapped in clear cellophane and then topped with ribbons and bows. A favorite of corporate customers for their clients.

Decorated Christmas Themed Cookies:
Santa, Snowmen. Gingerbread Men, Trees, Bells, Stars and more
Pastries, Kuchens and Strudels: see above
Holiday Breads: See top of page
Pastry Trays: See pastry tray page
Pierogi: See pierogi page


Paczki Day and Mardi Gras:
Order form link on home page.  Online ordering available up until 10 days before Paczki Day.

These traditional Polish donuts are available everyday in our store. During the Lenten Season, before Fat Tuesday and the last day of Mardi Gras, we make over 19 different flavors. All other times of year, you can find the ** flavors. For Paczki Day or any day you are making a special trip to the store...PLEASE ORDER the flavors you want.  We can not guarantee that every flavor will be in the window when you stop in.  We work very hard and through the night to make your PACZKI....see our facebook page for pictures of the PACZKI being made. WE REALLY MAKE THEM!      

Please be sure to read the online order form completely (located on homepage for full details regarding the ordering process and pricing.                                                                      

Vanilla Buttercream**

Chocolate Buttercream** 
Bavarian Custard**
Chocolate Custard
Coconut Custard
Cream Cheese
Marshmallow Meringue

.....and Whatever else we dream up!

Image below of Raw Poppyseed Paczki before they are folded and fried. Nut and Poppyseed paczki are fried with the filling inside.  The large ball of filling flattens out during the cooking process.  Please do not yell at us that there is "no filling" in these Paczki... Here is the proof.


King Cakes:
A New Orleans tradition. This buttery, oval shaped, cinnamon-butter filled ring is decorated with the colors of Mardi Gras: Purple, Green and Yellow. On top, are good luck coins and Mardi Gras Beads. Look inside for the surprise…a little plastic baby Jesus. If you find Him, you will have a blessed Lenten season and are responsible to bring the King Cake to the party/office next year. Serves 8-10


Valentine's Day:
Treat yourself or your sweetie to Chocolate Covered Strawberries, personalized decorated heart cookies and the ever popular mini-cake, perfect for 2.


Fill your Blessing Basket with delicious goodies from Stan’s.
Easter Cakes:
Easter Lambs
Adorable Hand-decorated Lamb cakes. Flavors: White, Yellow, Chocolate
Icing: Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream with or without COCONUT “fur”
Serves about 10

Fondant Easter Egg
Gorgeous Egg-shaped cake iced in fluffy buttercream and poured in pastel smooth fondant or dark luscious fudge. Decorated with flowers and Happy Easter greeting.
Flavors: White, Yellow, Chocolate
Serves about 8

Fondant Mini-Egg Pettifores
Same delicious cake choices in a mini single serving portion.

Holiday Breads: See above
Hot Cross Buns:
Traditional Sweet Dough Balls with Raisins topped with an icing cross.
Blessing Breads is Sweet Dough or Rye
Lamb and Bunny Shaped Butters:
Hand molded butters in Easter shapes. Make a great table decoration you can eat. Complete with pepper corn eyes and a ribbon neck tie.
Decorated Easter Themed Cookies:Chicks, Bunnies, Eggs and more


Copy written images can not be reproduced on a cake without permission from Copyright Holder.

Hours of operation
Monday- Friday: 5am-5pm
Saturday: 5 am-3:30pm
Sunday: Closed

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